Carpet Cleaning Care
For a premium carpet cleaning service we provide the latest equipment in steam carpet cleaning, removing more soiling and stains. We also provide ultimate fabric protection for your home carpets, rugs and upholstery; this service takes the worry out of spills and stains caused by water, oil or soil. Premium fabric protector allows your fabrics to retain colour, look better, clean up faster, and increase the life of the carpet.

Tile clean & seal
Our tile and grout cleaning service provides high heat and pressure and encapturelated technology, breaking down dirt and soiling and stains within your tile and grout. This restoring program is highly efficient and very effective leaving your tiles looking like new again. We can also seal your tile and grout lines, providing further protection from spills, soiling and trafficking.

Exterior hard floors
We can provide exterior pressure cleaning for residential and commercial premises. Providing hard surface floor cleaning for concrete, pebble stone, slate, pavers and tiles to areas all around your home, pool, driveway and paths. We have the facilities to reach up to a two storey building allowing a superior clean of gutters, eves, walls and building exterior. This service removes all salt, dirt, cobwebs and more.